I am David Paris, an individual owner/manager/leasing agent that treats the building and every tenant with care and attention. I have owned 520 Sepulveda for almost 20 years including several remodels by architect Tony Morera, AIA to create the contemporary exterior façade and colorful details that extend through the lobby, common areas and into the central atrium courtyard. Please do come inside to see the landscaped courtyard which is both a building amenity for tenants to use, as well as a source of light and air for interior offices. The building is also ADA accessible. 520 Sepulveda is a true ‘Pride of Ownership’ building.

When it comes to tenant improvement we out-build the corporate landlords. Let us design/build your next office at our sole expense, custom-designed for your needs and your choice of finishes. Good design can help you fit more function in less space to reduce your rent expense and increase productivity. You will be surprised how fast and easy the process can be. Visit completed offices of other tenants – many of whom have expanded, relocated within the building and renewed leases several times. Once you’ve rented here, you won’t want to go to any other commercial landlord.

Meet Jose Luis, the friendly face of 520 Sepulveda. Jose Luis parks your car during the day, cleans your office at night and serves as the building engineer at all times. A daytime attendant/valet/concierge is unusual in a building of this size and creates a friendly environment where everyone knows your name. Jose Luis is much loved by all the tenants for his personal care and TLC, including accepting packages and deliveries while you are out.