Office Space


Entire Suite
311 421 sf $1,470
Shared Suites*
311* 387 sf $1,355
409** 363 sf $1,250

*311: Shared entry hallway
** 409: Shared waiting room and kitchen; also available one-day/week for $150-$250/month

Main Building Brochure

Download Building Brochure

Suite #409

Download #409 Floor Plan

Notes on Suite #409:
– Rent full-time one of two private offices in 725 sf suite with waiting room and full kitchen.
– All fully furnished (or take private office unfurnished).
– Option: ONE-DAY-PER WEEK rental: $150-$250/month (MONTH-TO-MONTH AVAILABLE)

Suite #409 Photos:

Suite #311

Download Suite #311 Floor Plan

Notes on Suite #311:
#311  Is available with or without sharing the entry hallway.   Note lower rent if you share the entry hallway with neighboring suite #305.  Either way, the large private office (17’ x 16’8”) is entirely yours alone and has an operable window facing the quiet leafy residential neighborhood to the east. This allows you to open the window and the blinds to get fresh air without street noise and hot sun.  Of course your private AC stat will keep you pleasantly cool 24/7.

Suite #311 Photos:


Free all-day street parking on
Sepulveda Blvd.
Ample building parking w/Valet:

Reserved: $210/mo
Unreserved: $140/mo
Visitors: $1.00 10 min;
$18.00 daily max


$3.44-$3.50/sf monthly FSG*
4% fixed annual rent increase
1 to 5 year lease term
*FSG = Full Service Gross rent includes all
utilities, janitorial, Air Conditioning,


HVAC control by tenant 24/7.
1,000 mbps building internet service:
-$15/mo for Truemesh WiFi
-Add $10/mo for ethernet connection
Great windows and light.
Modify floorplans or build-to-suit by Landlord.
Storage available




$750/mo for LADB&S-Approved Signage;

Freeway visible; Illuminated.

About Us

I am David Paris, an individual owner/manager/leasing agent that treats the building and every tenant with care and attention. I have owned 520 Sepulveda for almost 20 years including several remodels by architect Tony Morera, AIA to create the contemporary exterior façade and colorful details that extend through the lobby, common areas and into the central atrium courtyard. Please do come inside to see the landscaped courtyard which is both a building amenity for tenants to use, as well as a source of light and air for interior offices. The building is also ADA accessible. 520 Sepulveda is a true ‘Pride of Ownership’ building.

When it comes to tenant improvement we out-build the corporate landlords. Let us design/build your next office at our sole expense, custom-designed for your needs and your choice of finishes. Good design can help you fit more function in less space to reduce your rent expense and increase productivity. You will be surprised how fast and easy the process can be. Visit completed offices of other tenants – many of whom have expanded, relocated within the building and renewed leases several times. Once you’ve rented here, you won’t want to go to any other commercial landlord.

Meet Jose Luis, the friendly face of 520 Sepulveda. Jose Luis parks your car during the day, cleans your office at night and serves as the building engineer at all times. A daytime attendant/valet/concierge is unusual in a building of this size and creates a friendly environment where everyone knows your name. Jose Luis is much loved by all the tenants for his personal care and TLC, including accepting packages and deliveries while you are out.

Contact Us
Visit Us

David Paris 310 709 3540
[email protected]


To see spaces find parking attendant
Monday – Friday
9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

no appointment needed
or contact David Paris to arrange an
appointment to meet you at the building

Download building info brochure & Floor plans


Suite #409 Floor Plan

Suite #311 Floor Plan

Covid-SAFE Offices

The key to COVID-safe offices is fresh outside air which we deliver with operable windows, cross ventilation to courtyard, in-suite HEPA filters (also in restrooms) and HVAC modified for maximum filtration and increased outside air exchange.Landlord will provide in your suite acrylic screens to be placed between you and client(s) for safe, mask-free conversation, plus hand-sanitizer dispenser (refilled by landlord) and hands-free entry system.Building improvements include newly remodeled (gorgeous) restrooms with touch-free everything, plus hand-sanitizers at lobby, elevators and restrooms.Building policies limit elevator ridership, or use attractive open stairwells.High-touch areas throughout the building are sanitized thrice daily and offices sanitized at night.Landscaped courtyard atrium was always an attractive feature, now desirable as a quiet fresh air refuge.